The trend toward smaller, cheaper and more rugged chemical and gas sensors is ongoing; however access to this technology has been slow in coming—until now.

Available for Licensing
  • Universal gas sensor
  • All-ceramic vacuum chamber
  • Light weight, small footprint, low power
  • Integrated ion source, analyzer, detector
  • Low-cost disposable sensor element
  • Novel patented technology offers highest performance-to-price
  • Rugged, highly reliable—ideal for OEMs

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Simple Elegance
The three-layer alumina laminate in Fig. 1 forms a hermetically sealed "sandwich" that contains the ion source, electric sector energy analyzer and a Faraday cup detector. This low-cost plug-and-play disposable package is as easy to replace as a printer cartridge.



Fig. 2 shows the ceramic unibody with photo lithographically deposited input/output pins that connect to internal elements through vias in the ceramic plates. A cutout in the center layer defines the 90° sector ion pathway between the ion source and detector. The electric sector energy analyzer resides in this region and provides a force, directed radially outward along the circular radius of curvature, on each ion.

The permanent magnet assembly (Fig. 3) accepts the sensor sandwich (Fig. 2) in the magnet gap to form the superimposed electric and magnetic fields that provide double-focusing operation. Using neodymium-iron-boron rare earth pole pieces, the relatively uniform field in the gap is 8,000-10,000 gauss which provides momentum focusing of the ion beam with a magnetic force directed radially inward along the circular radius of curvature.


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